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VEESAG ® formerly VESAG ® founded in 2010, is a pioneer and front runner in the IOT space. Our first smart watch launched in 2010 had the capability to operate many connected electronic devices. We applied for the connected car with Wi-Fi, sensors, remote health monitoring and home automation patent in 2012. We dreamt of this concept way back and envisioned the potential of IOT. We believe our ideas and concepts will revolutionalize the IOT space.

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VEESAG ® is a mobile personal emergency response system (MPERS), pioneer in mHealth technology, remote health monitoring, telehealth and online health management.

VEESAG ® smart watch MPERSENS ® works as an information gateway and interacts with all other VEESAG devices to send the health parameters using ZigBee and mobile technology. Data is uploaded to cloud for remote health monitoring. Information can be accessed from any internet connected device.

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Operate your car remotely and constant upload to cloud of key performance metrics.

Transmit vitals for remote health monitoring of the occupants in the car.

Remotely operate various applicances and home automation controls at home from your automobile.

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mVEESAG collects the results through bluetooth connection from your smartphone/tablet and transfers the results to web portal for remote monitoring. Results can also be sent through SMS immediately to predefined number.

mVEESAG transmits the current location of the user from. smart phone or tablet, caregivers can track the current location, SOS button to notify in case of emergency. User can setup reminders which will be through SMS.

VEESAG Connected Solutions

Connected Health using VEESAG Smart Watch

Track location

Ability to remotely configure tasks from self-service portal

Medication reminder

Medications history

Family share.

Multiple Sensors

Online self-service account

Centralized storage of past medical history

Primary contacts can be notified during emergency by SMS or email or call.

Ability to receive and relay to central server.

Parameters threshold alert service.

Chart analysis of all key vital statistics.

Connected car solutions

Track location

In Vehicle Wifi

Ability to remotely configure tasks from self-service portal

Reminder and emergency notifications

Vehicle health statistics

Home or Office sensors status and ability to turn on/off the sensors

Centralized storage of occupant, home and vehicle data

Centralized contact information.

Emergency SOS button that connects to call center for immediate assistance during emergency

Primary contacts will be notified during emergency by SMS or call

Connected device solutions using smartphone apps

Track patient location

Ability to remotely configure tasks from self-service portal

Medicine reminder

Online self-service account

Centralized storage of past medical history

Medications history

Centralized patient primary contact information.


What are our customers saying about us?

  • We find it very useful for early dementia patients. it really help our patients from getting lost.
    Rukhsana Ansari // secretary Alzheimers Society
  • I have three children, elder son is in USA and other two are in London, all of them are busy in their own jobs, We were worried about us living alone in India and they cannot move back, then we found VEESAG at a memory walk conducted by ARDSI, their service is really good, now we feel condient that we have someone here to take care of us if we need help.
    S.S.M Rao // Senior Citizen
  • Many people target children due to conflicts in business, We were really worried about our kids when there are some disturbances in business, then one of my friend told me about VEESAG, now we are able to monitor our kids remotely, what a peace of mind to both of us. Thanks to VEESAG.
    Mr & Mrs Krishan
  • I got a job in BPO, I did not want to join due to night shifts and risks involved in travelling at night times to work, I came to know about VEESAG from online search, I decided to give a try, since there is a 30 day worry free guarantee, their device is really cool and easy to operate, I can get the help I need in few seconds on press of a button, now I think I really got independence, I can move around with no hesitation.
    Ms. Surekha // BPO Employee
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