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Who We Are

VEESAG ® is a mobile based personal emergency response system..(MPERS), pioneer in mHealth technology, remote health monitoring, telehealth and online health management.

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Key Features

One Touch Emergency Button

Six numbers can be programmed to call either emergency numbers like 100, 101, 108 or family members.

Multiple Sensors

It has 8 different embedded sensors that upload vital information to server, Fall detection, seizures etc can be detected based on the sensor information.

Remote Health Monitoring

Vesag watch works as an information gateway and interacts with all other VEESAG devices to send vitals to central server using ZigBee and mobile technology..

GPS Location

Constantly upload current GPS location to remote server for identifying the location of the wearer.

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Contact Us

  • Address: Vyzin Electronics Private Limited,
    #101, Plot No 552, Aurora Colony, Road No 3,
    Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India

  • Phone: +91-40-40209946

  • Email: info@veesag.com

  • Address: VESAG Health Inc,
    #B202C, 675 US Highway 1,
    North Brunswick, NJ 08902, USA

  • Phone: +1-732-333-1876

  • Email: info@veesag.com

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