Body Fat Analyzer


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Our patent-pending body fat aanalyzer can measure multiple fat related parameters and send them to the central monitoring station through wirelessly, this helps our health conscious customers monitor their daily food habits and gradual changes in their health.

It can be used independently or along with VEESAG Watch only for wireless transmission.

Equipped with high precision gauge sensor system

Capacity: 180 Kgs/396lbs

Glass and stainless steel surface

Touch switch

9 person age, height and sex memory

Manual metric system setup

Weight analysis

Body water percentage

Fat percentage

Muscle percentage

Bone mass percentage

Ideal Body Fat Percentage

Suggested daily calorie intake

Wireless transmission of results

4 AA Batteries

Suitable with Digital Health Monitor .

Check your weight every day using VEESAG body fat analyzer and earn 1 point by uploading it automatically through VEESAG health watch , Limit of 1 point per day.

Note: Rewards points can be redeemed for monthly subscription fee (*Some limits apply) OR at any participating pharmacies OR VEESAG online store..

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