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VEESAG formerly VESAG ®

founded in 2010, is a pioneer and front runner in the wearable MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response System). Our first cellular enabled medical alert smart watch launched in 2010 had the capability to operate many connected electronic devices and other salient features like SOS, GPS, medicine reminder and remote health monitoring. We developed connected car solutions including Wi-Fi, sensors, remote health monitoring and home automation in 2012. We proudly claim that VESAG is the father of PERS, MPERS, smartwatch, connected car technologies and IOT (Internet of things). We envisioned the potential of IOT and practiced since 2010. We believe our ideas and concepts will revolutionize the IOT space.

Medicine Reminder Watch

Medicine / Task Reminders

Supports Medical Adherence by enabling upto 24 groups of medicine / tasks reminders. Get notified on acknowledgements as well as non-acknowledgements of reminders.

Personal emergency response system

Personal Emergency

Talk to care givers with One Touch Emergency buttons. Program upto 3 emergency and 3 call center numbers. Track location using built-in GPS, which Sends location at regular intervals. Uses cell tower triangulation when GPS signal is weak.

Family Share

Family Share

No need to buy a watch for each family member. Share the watch by changing the Sub Id on the watch. Data is uploaded to the respective member accounts.

VEESAG Smart Watch
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Pair with ZigBee pro certified medical devices and transfer readings to central server for remote health monitoring with Threshold based alerts.

Fall Detection Watch

Fall Detection

Built in Accelerometer is used to determine Fall of the wearer. During a fall, an automatic alert can be sent to care givers.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push messages can be sent from the server to the watch.

Heart Rate Sensor in Watch


8 additional built-in sensors to track various parameters including watch orientation, magnetic field strength, UV intensity, proximity, ambient light, temperature and humidity.


VEESAG offers complete integrated system using a smart watch for heath that includes mobile personal emergency response

Our Mission

For the needs of our communities, we aim to deliver vital health and life care in a safe, compassionate environment. Through our advanced reasearch and innovation, we strive to improve the safety and security of our communities.

Our Vision & Goals

Our vision is to reduce hospital visits and get emergency health support from anywhere.
Our goals is to provide technological solutions for the safety, security and well-being.

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