Please make sure you have received all the accessories as mentioned in the item list. You should have received an email with the Sign Up link and all necessary steps to setup and start using the VEESAG System. You can always refer to the MPERSENS product page for more information

VEESAG watch will automatically dial the phone numbers pre-configured for the SOS button and enable a two way conversation.  At the same time, the watch also notifies the Portal and the Portal in turn alerts all the configured caregivers/contacts. Depending on the need, ambulance/police/fire personnel can be dispatched to the user by the caregivers.

We are actively working with Partners to provide Call Center support in regions where possible.

Senior citizens with a history of cardiac or stroke problems, Alzheimer's patients, patients with other forms of dementia and patients with a tendency to fall and hurt themselves will find this service useful. With the VEESAG service in place, the caregivers will feel relieved, as the personalized help needed will be available round the clock whenever necessary. It provides freedom to both caregivers and patients. Kids and other vulnerable groups like disabled citizens and young women working in late night shifts will have access to personalized assistance in case of an emergency. Since the system tracks the user's location, it will be of definite help in case of kidnap and other forms of violence. This service is not restricted only to the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Since health- related emergencies like heart attacks and strokes happen suddenly, VEESAG service can also be used as a personalized medical assistant by any normal individual who values health as the most important asset. Those who are involved in sports and those who participate in extreme sports will also find this system useful.

State-provided services like 911 or 108 services are reactive. They respond to an emergency without any knowledge of the patient or background situation. VEESAG services are proactive and personalized - a lot of relevant health information of the patient and the contact information of the friends, neighbors and relatives who need to be notified if needed, is available at the VEESAG contact center.

This service is currently available in many countries. Please contact us at if you cannot find local dealer. Not all services are available in all regions, certain type of services are available in few geographical areas.

Yes, VEESAG maintains the key list of contacts that are to be notified, and will try to communicate irrespective of the country they live in.

When you are travelling, you need to make sure your Watch SIM Card works over there else you need to get a SIM card local to that area, You might incur long distance charges if you use your existing sim card. For CDMA MPERS contact our support center to see if you are eligible for international roaming. Secondly, you would need to update your Emergency contacts in the Watch as well as the Portal. This way, you can get support from caregivers who are local to the place of travel.

The VEESAG medical devices are FDA cleared. VEESAG watch will only transmit the results from your medical device to your personal dashboard.

It depends on the country where you are requesting our service, For India we offer English and Hindi as of now and other languages will be deployed soon to serve all of coverage areas. At places where VEESAG is operating through their distributors or partners it will be the call center of distributor. Please consult local sales people or email if you need more information.

We request you to call and inform our customer support center at the earliest in such cases. We can track and verify where it is located since GPS built into the watch. The earlier you report, the better are your chances. Customer support will not be able to help if the watch is switched off or if there is no GPS signal.

Yes. We have a Family Share plan where members of the family can share the Watch among themselves. Each member can create a User account in the Portal. Each member is assigned a Sub Id, which can be set using a menu driven interface on the Watch. Once set, the data flow into the respective member accounts.

Yes. Please call our customer support center and we will help you with the transfer as long as the service charge is paid in full for 1 year.

Certain information related to Patient’s geographical and contact information need to be updated in the Portal. Emergency Contacts should also be updated, if different after moving. Our customer support can always help you if you need support.

If the instrument is proved defective, it would be replaced with another one if it is with-in the warranty.

Yes, but you must authorize VEESAG for recurring charges.

We accept credit cards through paypal.

One can buy it online or through our registered dealers. Please contact us at, if you need assistance with buying the VEESAG watch or any Medical devices.

You would incur the product cost of the watch and devices. There is a monthly subscription charge. Also, customer is responsible for the monthly wireless carrier charges (SIM card and/or monthly wireless charges).

Let’s take the example of an Alzheimer / Dementia patient. Make sure he wears the watch specially when going out. The Watch tracks the location of the patient, Geo Fence alerts will notify the care givers, if the patient wanders away. Medicine Reminder feature automatically reminds them to take their medicine at the prescribed time.

If the patient has gone away for a longer period or if you suspect he is lost, then the Geo Fence alerts and Location tracking via Portal or Mobile app will help you reach the exact location and bring him home safely. One can even call the Watch, and speak with him to ensure that everything is okay.

At the same time, daily vital health data can be recorded using the MPERSENS and other VEESAG medical devices. This data might be very useful in future consultations with Doctors.


VEESAG tracks the location of the patient. This information is vital to the caregivers of the patient to trace them. With the Geo Fence feature, caregivers will be automatically notified if the patient moves in/out of the Geo Fence.

If the emergency SOS button has been pressed by mistake, it still dials out the emergency phone numbers. One can simply clarify that it was pressed by mistake and no further action need to be taken. If there is no clarification or no response when the customer representative calls the Watch, it is implied that further emergency actions need to be under taken.

All the key health statistics are sent to our application using GPRS. VEESAG will not be able to receive any data or call until the customer moves to an area where there is enough signal strength. VEESAG has a provisional measure to buffer the GPS and Medical data in this case, which will be transmitted once the watch catches the signal.

VEESAG automatically stores the last location point and which can always be used as a reference point in an emergency.

Yes. We are certified to use the Verizon and Sprint CDMA networks in USA. We have separate CDMA and GSM versions of the Watch. Please buy the appropriate versions.

Yes, the customer can select this option under the preferences section on the VEESAG Portal.

Fall detection is one of the key features in the MPERSENS Watch. Please visit our MPERSENS Product page for updated information

Yes, VEESAG stores all the data for 18 months and any data beyond 18 months will be available on request basis. This historical data is available in the form of graphical charts.

Yes. Every product has its own unique features.

The information in our database is available only to the customer, the customer's next of kin or to those the customer authorizes to retrieve any data. The Portal is Https (SSL) enabled, which provides secure transmission of data.

The watch has an IP65 rating.

Our watch stores the data and sends them to the server every 1 minutes.

Yes. We request the customer to verify if the existing SIM cards support international roaming. If not, we request the customer to change to a local SIM card to minimize costs. In addition, please update your Emergency contact numbers on the MPERSENS Watch as well as Portal.

Yes. Since the watch has a built-in mobile capabilities and FAA does not approve mobile use during flight, watch has to be powered off.

We request you always carry a spare battery. We provide two batteries with each purchase to avoid any inconvenience. The System sends a Low Battery alert, so you know when to change batteries or keep the watch for charging.

The credit card information is only accessible by you or an individual you authorize. All the data is maintained securely.

You can set up the Emergency phone numbers for the Watch buttons very easily via the VEESAG Portal. You will see them under the Device Configuration. You can change them as required. Please check the Training videos in the menu options on the Portal.

You can set up to 24 groups of Medicine reminders very easily via the VEESAG Portal. You can change them as required. Please check the Training videos in the menu options on the Portal.

You can set up and schedule multiple Geo Fences very easily via the VEESAG Portal. You can change them as required. The scheduling feature allows you to setup multiple Geo Fences. Please check the Training videos in the menu options on the Portal.

You need a One-time pairing of your Pulse Oximeter with the Watch. Please check the Training videos in the menu options on the Portal. It is very easy to pair it once you go through the video. If you need assistance, please contact our customer support and they will be happy to guide you through it.

Yes, the Portal has features to track work out activity. Using the GPS on the watch, the system can calculate Distance and Calories burnt during the activity. One can set weekly or monthly targets to track their activities.

You are right. The MPERSENS has 8 new sensors. These provide features like Fall Detection, Pulse Oximetry, Heart Rate, Temperature, Ambient Light, UV radiation. In addition there is a Magnetometer sensor to detect magnetic fields, especially useful in case of patients who have pacemaker in them. For more information, please visit our MPERSENS product page


The watch needs clear access to the Sky for it to catch the GPS signal. If you deep inside your home/office, you might have to go near a Window and it should catch GPS. The watch has built-in AGPS which should also help to some extent when inside buildings. Please call customer support if the watch is still unable to catch GPS for longer period of time.

The Pulse Oximeter needs to be paired with the Watch. Please check the Training videos in the menu options on the Portal for pairing.

Make sure you turn ON the Zigbee in the MPERSENS watch. Once done, the watch can effectively communicate with the Pulse Oximeter.

It could be due to inconsistent GPRS signal that the watch is unable to transmit. The watch buffers the medical data in that case and will send it once the signal is available.


Yes there is a 1-year contract if the device is purchased at the discounted price and no contract when the device is purchased at a full retail price.

All products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

VEESAG offers a 30-day worry free guarantee on service; service charges can be refunded but not the equipment charges.