Pulse Oximeter


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Accurately measure oxygen saturation of a patient's blood and changes of blood volume in the skin, All the results are transferred wirelessly to the central monitoring station continuously for remote oxygen therapy / remote oxygen saturation monitoring.

It can be used independently or along with VEESAG Watch only for wireless transmission.

Used as a remote screening/testing device for suspected obstructive sleep apnea, Remote asthma management, evaluating and teaching continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

Significance: If the oxygen saturation level of the person is very low, it means there is an inadequate supply of oxygen necessary for their body cells and vital organs. An oxygen saturation monitor for home use can be very helpful for people with chronic diseases such as COPD and asthma, those suffering with sleep apnea and other conditions, as well as athletic individuals who want to keep an eye on their O2 SAT levels such as mountain climbers who ascend to higher altitudes.

SpO2: Measuring range: 35%~99%, Accuracy: 70%~99% ±2 digits

Pulse Rate :Measuring range: 30bpm~250bpm, Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% .

SpO2,PR displays as numerical value, pulse intensity displays as histogram

Sample once every second.

Power on automatically .

Power off automatically without signal for 8 seconds .

2.2V~3.3V,more than 30 hours continuous working time.

Operating current: =30mA.

Standby Current: =150uA .

Light, small and easy to carry.

Light, small and easy to carry .

Wireless transmission of results.

Monochrome OLED display of SpO2, PR, pulse bar and PI & plethysmogram.

Innovative 2 direction display.

Automaitcally starts measuring after putting finger into rubber cushion.

Power off automatically without signal for more than 8 seconds.

More than 30 hours continuous working time with 2AAA alkaline batteries.

Audible & visible alarm function.

Low battery voltage indication.

2 X AAA batteries.

Suitable with Digital Health Monitor .

Check your pulse and blood oxygen every day through VEESAG pulse oximeter and earn 1 point by uploading it automatically through VEESAG health watch , Limit of 1 point per day..

Note: Rewards points can be redeemed for monthly subscription fee (*Some limits apply) OR at any participating pharmacies OR VEESAG online store..

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