Telehealth Remote Patient Health Monitoring

VEESAG provides pre-emptive health monitoring using proprietary Telehealth technologies developed for remote patient monitoring or remote health monitoring in conjunction with other medical devices. VEESAG watch is primarily designed for the purpose of patient tracking and providing pre-emptive medical care, transferring data from the body worn sensors to central server.

The PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) features include speed dial for emergency and SOS button notify call-center, real-time location tracking, geo fencing, time based route tracking. The pre-emptive medical care includes remote patient monitoring and transmitting 17 different health parameters from the paired (Zigbee) medical devices. It measures critical health parameters such as the heart rate, skin temperature, body weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar. The data is automatically transmitted to the cloud for monitoring / analysis by a medical call center so that precautionary and emergency measures can be taken. Medicine reminders provide timely reminders regarding critical medicine intake. This device can be worn on body. Patients with Alzheimer, Dementia, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, head and spinal injuries, and the elderly population could greatly benefit from closely monitored health parameters.

The VESAG smart watch offers the following Features:

  • GPS
  • GSM based mobile network
  • Built on IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) based wireless protocol
  • HTTP/TCPIP transfer of data, Continuously monitors up to 17 health index parameter
  • Location Tracking
  • Medicine/Task Reminders
  • Programmable for up to 5 Users
  • 6 Programmable Emergency Color Codes
  • One button notifies key contacts using SMS
  • EMAIL and 2 way call
  • Automatic Fall Detection of patient and call for help
  • Geo-Fence capability
  • Speed Dial for Emergency
  • Microphone

Who can benefit from VEESAG Remote patient monitoring solutions

Hospitals And Health Systems

Dashboard of all patients with the vitals so that admin staff can remotely configure threshold levels and provide instant feedback.


ACO's can reduce the cost and prevent hospital readmissions by monitoring the patients at home by remotely checking their health and vitals

Home Care Agencies

Home care agencies can remotely monitor patients vitals there by reducing the cost of travel. Necessary alarms can be setup for immediate intervention.

Health Insurers

Reduce the claims and ER visits by providing remote monitoring tools, Reward points can be given to health conscious citizens to promote wellness.

Goverment Health

Identify issues with certain region right upfront before it becomes and pandemic.


Business can thrive when employees are healthy, provide meaningful tools to employees to stay healthy.