Heart Rate Monitor


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Heart rate monitor with a strong anti-jamming capability, this is a heart rate receiver of one to one, many to one, many to many. It has a built in ECG reader, skin temperature reader and Pacemaker reader, All the results are transmitted to central monitoring station wirelessly.

It can be used independently or along with VEESAG Watch only for wireless transmission.

Material:PU & ABS

Diameter: 80cm -- 100cm

Unit Product Size 36.4(L) x 45.5(W) x 15.4(H)mm

Unit Product Weight:52.3g

Product Color: Black

Imprint Size : H. 10 x L.35 mm

Battery Type : Button cell CR2032 x 1pc

Battery Life : Over 12 month

Heart rate monitor.

ECG reader.

Skin temperature reader.

Pacemaker reader. (coming soon)

Wireless transmission of results.


Installation CD

Suitable with Digital Health Monitor .

Check your heart rate every day using VEESAG heart rate monitor and earn 1 point by uploading it automatically through VEESAG health watch , Limit of 1 point per day.

Note: Rewards points can be redeemed for monthly subscription fee (*Some limits apply) OR at any participating pharmacies OR VEESAG online store..

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