MPERSENS Smart Watch


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VEESAG proudly introduces our next generation medical alert systems. An ecosystem that consists of a portal and a smart watch for health & wellness, a Mobile Personal Emergency Response System with Sensors and for Remote Monitoring. This device acts as a hub on the body, a next generation medical alert watch for handling SOS emergency and fall detection. VEESAG offers pioneering Mobile Healthcare (m-Health) technology to assist the administration of wellness programs.

Both CDMA and GSM versions will be available. This product requires a cellular connection with data connectivity.

To learn more about MPERSENS please contact sales or visit our health and wellness pages. Black plastic watch is not available with Verizon Wireless connectivity.


Additional Information


Aluminum, Black, Chrome


CDMA Sprint, CDMA Verizon, GSM

One Touch Emergency
Watch can be programmed with 3 emergency numbers and 3 call center numbers. When SOS button is pressed MPERSENS Smart Watch will automatically send alerts to caregivers along with the location details.
Location Tracking
Inbuilt GPS can be programmed to send the current location of the user at regular intervals.  Geo-fence can be setup which will raise an alarm when there is a breach.
Family Share
One watch can be shared among the entire family by changing the sub-id on the device. Data will be uploaded onto their personal dashboard.
Fall Detection
Auto detects falls and transmits to server for generating further notifications based on the user preferences. Customer preferences can be setup on the portal.
Medicine/Task Reminder
24 groups of medicine or task reminders can be displayed on the device, once the wearer acknowledges the reminder; device will automatically log the response on the portal. If the wearer does not acknowledge the reminder an alert can be sent to caregivers.
Remote Monitoring
MPERSENS can be paired with selected ZigBee pro compatible devices for remote monitoring. Threshold alerts can be set based on the data. This feature is not available in all geographical regions,
Push Notifications
Notifications can be sent from the server to the watch.
Multiple Sensors
Detect Fall ,  Measure Temperature, Humidity and UV in the sunlight, Heart Rate and Pulse.
Wireless module
Telit DE910 DUAL 800/1900 MHz 1xRTT and EV-DO Rev. A support.
GPS One, Standalone GPS and GLONASS support. Software based Wi-Fi and Cell tower triangulation.
Short Range Wireless
Texas Instruments CC2530 ZigBee System on chip.
Processor and Memory
ARM Cortex M3, 32Bit 72MHz frequency, 512K flash memory and 2MB EEPROM.
OLED, Size: 1.69”, 160*128 Pixels, Color Depth: 262,144 colors.
650 mAH, 3 to 4 days standby time. 3 Hours talk time
Dimensions (L*W*H)
58.9*46.5*13.9 mm Strap: 132.9mm and 85.5mm


± 2 / ± 4/ ± 6 / ± 8/ ± 16 g linear acceleration full scale
± 245 / ± 500 / ± 2000 dps angular rate full scale
± 2 / ± 4 / ± 8 / ± 12 gauss magnetic full scale
UV Sensor
The UV Index is a number linearly related to the intensity of sunlight reaching the earth. Values range from 1 to 11
Ambient Light Sensor
100 mlx resolution possible, allowing operation under dark glass
Proximity Sensor
Proximity detection adjustable from under 1 cm to over 50 cm
Temperature Sensor
High Accuracy Temperature Sensor. ± 0.4 °C; (max), –10 to 85 ° C
Humidity Sensor
Precision Relative Humidity Sensor, ± 3% RH (max), 0 – 80% RH

Two-Way call.

Location Tracking.

Medicine/task reminder.

Built-in wireless hub to receive and relay data.

Can be used for whole family by just selecting subscriber ID before use by pressing up and down buttons on the watch.

Fall detection.

Geo-fence capability.

SOS button to notify call center.

GPS based clock.

Displays speed, coordinates and altitude information.

Built in microphone/speakerphone .

72 to 96 hours standby time

MPERSENS watch has been tested and meets the FCC RF exposure guidelines.




Digital Transmission System

PCS Licensed Transmitter worn on body



PCS Licensed Transmitter Worn On Body

Industry Canada: 21085-ADWAT102G

Charging cradle

Web Portal

Mobile App for android phones.

 CDMA Networks:

Sprint - This product has been tested by Sprint and found to be capable for use on a Sprint CDMA network.

Verizon Wireless - Certified by Verizon Wireless for use on Verizon Wireless network

GSM Networks:

Compatbile with 2G/3G GSM networks across the globe.

Earn two rewards points for every two miles walk with VEESAG health watch, Limit of 2 miles and 2 points per day.

Note: At selected geographical regions, Rewards points can be redeemed for monthly subscription fee OR at any participating pharmacies OR VEESAG online store. Some limits and restrictions apply.

Cellular Connectivity:

MPERSENS requires data and voice enabled cellular connectivity. Not all devices are compatible with all cellular carriers. Verizon or Sprint connectivity is provided by VEESAG at an extra cost every month (*Restrictions Apply) . CDMA devices cannot be activated at Verizon or Sprint stores. GSMA devices requires SIM card from a GSM carrier locally, Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Battery Life:

MPERSENS is designed for 3 days battery life but actual battery life can vary depending on many conditions like GPS Connectivity, Data streaming, Signal strength of cellular connection, Voice calls and any other conditions that can impact battery life.

Data from Sensors:

Data from the sensors either automatically collected or measured on demand are for informational purposes only and estimated values at that time. This information is not intended for use in any medical or health related opinion or diagnosis. Customer/Medical Practitioner should not rely on this data for any treatments.

Water Proof:

Even though MPERSENS is designed to be water proof no testing has been performed and our team is currently in the process of testing. Details about water proof will be updated ASAP.


MPERSENS can connect, collect and transfer data from VEESAG recommended ZigBee pro HA profile certified devices.


Data from the device is transferred to VEESAG portal, Customer can get an account of the portal at an additional charge which is due to be paid every month. Pricing of the portal charges will be updated ASAP.


We do not ship to Argentina, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen. Please note that you will be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region which can be as high as 200% for some countries.