Health watch for continuous health monitoring

SOS, GPS, Medicine Reminder, Fall Detection and many more

VEESAG health watch MPERSENS provides all the features that are needed for living independently, caregivers can remotely access the data through a mobile app that can be loaded on their smart phones, both IOS and Android versions of the apps are available for immediate intervention.

Concerned about your parents health

VEESAG health watch Collects continuous GPS location and transfers the data to cloud through in-built cellular connection for remote health monitoring, connects to caregivers and call center through a touch of a button.

SOS Button

SOS Button

Dedicated SOS button to dial 6 different numbers, 3 for SOS and 3 for call center or family which can be programmed remotely.

GPS Tracking

Built-In GPS to track location, frequency of the way points can be configured remotely.


Fall Detection

Automatically detect falls and alert family members through SMS/Email for immediate intervention.


Medication Reminder

You can setup 24 groups of reminders and each group containing at least 5 different medicines


Remote Monitoring

Can be paired with VEESAG medical devices to transfer the results from the medical devices to cloud


Multiple Sensors

8 Different sensors that will collect and transmit the results to cloud, 9-Axis Accelerometer, Temperature, Humidity, UV, Ambient Light sensors

Product Variations

MPERSENS Health Watch comes in 3 different colors, Both CDMA and GSM versions are available, For CDMA MPERSENS supports Verizon and Sprint wireless connections in the USA market, GSM is pentaband so it supports most of the wireless carriers globally. 








MPERSENS Alluminum


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VEESAG health watch MPERSENS Introduction

Its not just for seniors

VEESAG health watch is loaded with features like continuous GPS tracking, Steps, Calories and SOS options that helps during routine workout like cycling, biking, running and jogging.

Built-In Mobile

No need to carry your mobile phone during your workout, VESAG Health watch can call and receive calls from your wrist, built-in speaker phone and MIC for convenience.

Water Proof

VESAG Health Watch is IP65 rated so no need to worry about rain during work out and 650mAH battery will lasts for your entire workout even with continuous GPS transmission.

Life is short, Stay Alert

Key Components

SOS Button

1. SOS Button

Easily accessible SOS button connects to call center or caregivers through cellular connection

2. GPS Location

Continuous GPS location data get sent to server so that caregivers can locate their loved ones real time.

3. ZigBee

Turn on ZigBee to pair with various medical devices to collect and transmit the results to central monitoring station for health monitoring


4. Sensors

Multiple sensors for fall detection and measure key environmental data like heart rate, pulse, temperature, humidity and UV

Need more vital signs for health management

Pair with multiple medical devices like blood pressure, body scale, RCG/EKG, Chest Belt and Fetal Doppler for various health monitoring needs

Control your electronics from your wrist

Paris with ZigBee pro compatible devices like light, fan and even door lock to manage the settings remotely from your wrist.

Our Connected Medical Devices

Discover our connected medical devices that can be paired with the health watch

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Our initial version of advanced health watch launched in 2011 has won many awards globally patented and built for users like you with features that you really need.

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