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We are Tech Enthusiasts and too lazy. Remote Monitoring is our hobby. We love to automate and let the software or hardware monitor tasks to gain that extra free time. But there are times that you need to take seriously. When there was a need to monitor the health of our own loved ones. We said why can't we build something that can be used by every citizen globally. We took it as a challenge and here where we are.

Who We Are

VESAG ® is a registered trademark of Vyzin Electronics Private Limited, VESAG is a mobile based personal emergency response system - (MPERS), pioneer in mHealth technology, remote health monitoring, telehealth and online health management.

Taking the initiative:

VESAG has developed efficient tools using technology, to live healthier, safer and better. Code Blue, remote oxygen saturation monitoring and fetal monitoring are some of the major technological advancements that VESAG has achieved.

Reducing, reusing, recycling and planning for the future:

VESAG remote health monitoring technology has allowed many people to stay healthy at home in turn reducing the hospital bills. The VESAG watch can be reused by the whole family and for different chronic disease management. The VESAG watch can be transferred to another patient, who is in need by simply triggering account change in the VESAG portal. New devices can be added seamlessly to the VESAG watch to monitor new diseases remotely.

Championing unconventional solutions:

Our innovative solution consists of a wrist watch that acts as a personal emergency response system and relays medical and GPS data to the server. Many individuals use Bluetooth and personal mobiles to monitor health remotely but VESAG uses ZigBee, a low power and long range wireless protocol over the traditional Bluetooth. The VESAG watch is portable and much easier to operate by senior citizens, dementia patients and no training is needed.

Building for the future:

VESAG now has a presence in over 10 countries and is expanding every day. VESAG is planning to launch many more features to cater to the needs of non-chronic disease management. VESAG is launching a welfare program through which many needy people will benefit absolutely free of cost. Remote breast cancer management, stroke detection and oxygen therapy are some of the initiatives that will be launched in the near future.


  • Rated #1 out of Top 10 Connected Health Devices in the world by Connected World Magazine in March 2011 edition.
  • Intel rated cool product of 2011 at mHealth Summit.
  • Gold medal winner of DST (Department Of Science & Technology, Government Of India And Lockheed Martin Innovation Growth Program 2012.
  • Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Excellence Awards: Shortlisted for mHealth Initiative of the Year - 2012.
  • Winner of New Jersey Technology Council 2012 Innovation Competition in Life Sciences, Health IT & Food/Beverage Technology.
  • Shortlisted in top 5 innovations by USAID, Technology Board, FICCI.
  • Excellence in Medical Technology award from FICCI for 2013
  • Tie50 Finalist: Hot life sciences startup of 2014.
  • Albert Einstein award NJIEA

Our History

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