Frequently Asked Questions

The watch will automatically dial our call center and our support person will immediately respond to all needs by alerting all the caregivers/contacts and dispatching an ambulance/police/fire personnel to the user depending on the need.

Yes, there is a 1-year contract if the device is purchased at the discounted price and no contract when the device is purchased at full retail price.

Senior citizens with a history of cardiac or stroke problems, Alzheimer's patients, patients with other forms of dementia and patients with a tendency to fall and hurt themselves will find this service useful. With the VESAG service in place, the caregivers will find a big burden lifted, as the personalized help needed will be available round the clock whenever necessary. It provides freedom to both caregivers and patients. Kids and other vulnerable groups like disabled citizens and young women working in late night shifts will have access to personalized assistance in case of an emergency. Since the system tracks the user's location, it will be of definite help in case of kidnap and other forms of violence like rape etc. This service is not restricted only to the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Since health related emergencies like heart attacks and strokes happen suddenly, VESAG service can also be used as a personalized medical assistant by any normal individual who values health as the most important asset. Those who take part intensely in sports and those who participate in extreme sports will also find this system useful.

State-provided services like 911 or 108 services are reactive. They respond to an emergency without any knowledge of the patient or background situation. VESAG services are proactive and personalized - a lot of relevant health information of the patient and the contact information of the friends, neighbors and relatives who need to be notified if needed, is available at the VESAG contact center.

VESAG tracks the location of the patient. This information is vital to the care-givers of the patient to trace them. Also, Alzheimer's or dementia patients can use this service to automatically remind them to perform regular tasks: for example, to take a prescribed medicine at a predetermined time.

If there is no state-provided emergency service, we first look for any hospitals registered with us close to the customer location. If there is one nearby, we will inform them. In addition, we will inform the customers list of contacts immediately.

This service is currently available in India and it will be available in different places around the globe very soon.

Yes, VESAG maintains the key list of contacts that are to be notified, and will try to communicate irrespective of the country they live in.

All the products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The customer representative would answer the call and if there is no response, the rep would give a disclaimer and end the call

All the key health statistics are sent to our application using GPRS. VESAG will not be able to receive any data or call till the time the customer is moved to an area where there is enough signal strength.

That would not be a problem as VESAG automatically stores the last point of signal and we request the user alert us when leaving home, as our rep would contact the userís next of kin immediately whenever emergency occurs.

We always provide the user with the service center's contact information along with our devices to make sure that we are always available for our customers no matter if they are in or out of the service area.

Our data is 99.9% reliable, as our primary intention is to serve elderly citizen.

We offer English and Hindi as of now and other languages will be deployed soon to serve all our coverage areas.

We are currently developing under CDMA technology - please visit our news links as we update the launch date as soon as it is available.

Yes, the customer can select this option under the preferences section.

We are currently in the process of adding this functionality.

Yes, VESAG stores all the data for 18 month and any data beyond 18 months will be available on request basis.

Yes. Every product has its own unique features.

The information in our database ia available only to the customer, the customerís next of kin or to those the customer authorizes to retrieve any data.

We request you to call our customer support center and inform them so that we can track and verify where it is located since GPS is built into the watch. Customer support will not be able to help if the watch is switched off or if there is no GPS signal.

N0, We are in the process of changing the design to make it waterproof.

VESAG offers a 30-day worry free guarantee on service: service charges can be refunded but not the equipment charges.

No, Since the watch and contacts are related to the IMEI code, they cannot be shared and all the medical results will be inaccurate.

We are currently in the process of adding this functionality.

Yes, Please call our customer support center and we will assign the new name as long as the service charge is paid in full for 1 year.

Contacts need to be updated. The new address has to be under 108 service area or services are restricted.

A daily activity report is available online.

Daily activity report consists of all the key statistics - again, it depends on how many devices are owned and used on the prior day by the customer.

Our watch stores the data and sends them to the server every 3 minutes.

No, We only share information with those you specify as primary contacts.

Yes but it depends on the emergency. However, emergency responding teams always take you to the nearest hospital.

An automatic reminder will be sent, followed by a voice call to remind you if you forget to renew the subscription. Until the subscription is renewed, VESAG will not be able to offer any service.

Yes, We request the customer to verify if his existing SIM card support international roaming. If not, we request the customer to change to a local SIM card to minimize costs.

Yes, Since the watch has built-in mobile capabilities and FAA does not approve mobile use during flight, watch has to be powered off.

We request you to always carry a spare battery. We provide two batteries with each purchase to avoid any inconvenience.

If the instrument is proved defective, it would be replaced with another one.

Yes, but you must authorize VESAG for recurring charges.

The credit card information is only accessible by you or an individual you authorize. All the data is maintained securely.

We accept credit cards.