Our Digital Visitor Care Plan Features

Travelling to an unknown place often times creates lot of discomfort with local language, safety and security issues. Our Visitor care is offered to people who need local support along with other primary features like SOS, Medical History etc. It includes many other things like customer support and storing and managing the data on the online portal for viewing at a later time.

Digital Visitor Care Includes

Track Location

Tracking device and cellular connection are required to track location.

Online self service Account

Online portal account to store and manage many functionalities.

Centralized primary contact information

Customer can manage medication alerts and reminders from portal.

Local Support

Help with travel, Hotel Bookings and local limited local support.

Call center support

Live support from web or phone (selected locations only).

Medicine/Task Reminder

Setup Reminders from portal which gets set on the device remotely.

Geo-Fence Support

Setup Geo-Fence and notifications, alerts through portal.

Centralized storage of past medical history

Store past mediclal history during sign-up which can be shared with EMS during emergency.

and more...

Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly payments are permitted. Payment has to be made before the monthly service begins.
Need more information? Please click on Live Support for help. If the operators are offline, please leave an offline message and we will get back to you within 12 hours.
This plan requires a Tracker/Communicator device. Cellular connection is necessary for transmitting the information to central server. Monthly service charges apply.