How does VEESAG help emergency relief workers?

Being an emergency relief worker means being exposed to serious risk factors. Often-times emergency relief workers are victims of kidnap and rape due to their presense in troubled areas, With busy work routines, unsecure work locations and various other responsibilities, it is impossible to monitor all your vital health parameters on a daily basis. The VEESAG Watch can help you keep a check on your health every single day and alert you if there is a reason to be worried.

Environmental, health and safety

The VEESAG is a complete wireless health monitoring system for the health conscious individual. It tracks your blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, ECG, temperature, body-water percentage, body fat percentage, BMI, etc. and also informs you about your daily suggested calorie intake. In case either of these levels is about to reach their threshold, the watch sends you a warning signal. Once the threshold is reached and crossed, the watch alerts our 24/7 support team, who in turn alert individuals listed on your emergency contact list as well as send for an emergency response team. Since the watch also holds personal health care information, it becomes easier for paramedics to act in case of a health crisis.

The watch is a great companion for those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes or excessive weight gain, as it monitors all these parameters without the need of multiple gadgets. Even in case you indulge in strenuous physical activities that alter these parameters, you will be alerted before emergency services are called, thereby, decreasing the chances of a false alarm.

For those on any kind of medication, the watch allows you to set up medication reminders as well. Since the VEESAG watch comes with built-in GPS tracking system and allows you to set geo-fences, our team is alerted when you cross those limits. The watch also features a button that helps you make a distress call from any location. Unlike most health monitoring devices, the VEESAG watch operates across the globe and from any place that supports a mobile signal, which offers added security.