How VESAG helps Alzheimer's or Dementia patients?

VESAG is a comprehensive service to support dementia patients that works as a digital memory. VESAG offers Dementia patient-'s', care givers vital support by providing location information (Patient Tracking) and a means to communicate with them. It acts as a programmable secondary memory. Care givers can program the device with all the key details like name, address and contact details to remind the patient when needed. At normal times, it reminds patients of the tasks such as taking medication at the prescribed time. In our more advanced version, VESAG can monitor key health parameters such as heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, body weight etc and transmit the data to a central monitoring station where it can then be forwarded to a doctor or a caregiver for periodic monitoring. VESAG stores all past medical history, current medications, specific allergies and the contact information of caregivers, which can be used during emergencies. Caregivers can set thresholds for critical health parameters to alert by SMS/voice call when these thresholds are crossed. Such a comprehensive system can provide a tremendous emotional relief to care givers by ensuring a constant round the clock digital monitoring. Patients will benefit with the additional digital memory support and the freedom to move in the society.


The VEESAG is a complete wireless health monitoring system for the health conscious individual. It tracks your blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, ECG, temperature, body-water percentage, body fat percentage, BMI, etc. and also informs you about your daily suggested calorie intake. In case either of these levels is about to reach their threshold, the watch sends you a warning signal. Once the threshold is reached and crossed, the watch alerts our 24/7 support team, who in turn alert individuals listed on your emergency contact list as well as send for an emergency response team. Since the watch also holds personal health care information, it becomes easier for paramedics to act in case of a health crisis.