How VESAG helps kids, women and visitors:

VESAG is not just for the elderly or those who cannot take care of themselves, it is for all your loved ones. The VESAG health monitoring watch comes with an built-in GPS tracker, which makes it a critical companion when your loved ones are out of sight. It is a great guardian for kids, companion for women and buddy for visitors.

Solutions for Visitors

The VESAG watch monitors the key health parameters such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc, tracks the GPS location sends alerts or makes distress calls when the wearer is threatened.

In the case of children, the watch acts as a guardian that keeps an eye on them, especially when you are not around. The wireless health monitor lets you know when your child is running a high temperature or has an abnormally high pulse rate, which can be a great warning if the child is scared or in danger. In case the child has wandered away, you can track their location with the GPS tracker that will give you their exact co-ordinates. You can even set up a geo-fence for them that will send out an alert when they move out of the desired location for a considerable period of time.

In the case of working women, the VESAG watch is a great companion as it features buttons to make distress calls to our 24/7 support team. The pulse monitor also sends out an alert when the heart rate is abnormally high, which can signify danger. This gives women, especially those who travel late at night, the confidence and security to move at their own convenience. For the same reasons the VESAG watch can be a good buddy for travelers as our services are available globally and the wireless monitors are active as long as they have access to mobile signals.