The primary purpose of the School Health Services Program is to promote the physical and emotional health of students and staff thereby maximizing the educational process.School Health Services are intended to play an integral part in support of the health care provided by parents; indeed, the School Nurse often serves as the student's vital link to medical and other community resources.


  • Facilitate students' access to a regular source of primary health care.
  • Provide a system for expert handling of emergency medical situations.
  • Provide mandated health screening programs and monitor or improve immunization status.
  • Assist in the identification and resolution of students' health and educational problems.
  • Ensure comprehensive and appropriate health education is provided.
  • Promote a healthful and safe school environment which facilitates learning.
  • Provide a system for evaluation of the effectiveness of the school health program.

Healthful School

  • The school is responsible for ensuring the environment in which staff work and students learn is safe. The staff should model behaviors which provide a realistic guide for students thus enabling them to link health-enhancing knowledge and behavior.
  • Recognizing environmental factors play a major role in the health and safety of both students and staff, schools should attend to the social and emotional environment as well as to the physical environment.

Key Factors of School Health

  • Physical Environment.
  • Biological Hazards.
  • Health Office in school.
  • The Classroom Environment.
  • Classroom Temperature and Humidity.
  • Science,Industrial and Fine Arts Labs.
  • School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.
  • Outdoor Student Activities.
  • School Playground.

Routine Screening

SCREENING PreSch(3-4 yrs) K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
COLOR VISION(2)(only once)XXXX  
SCOLIOSIS(6)Girls:grades 6 and 8; Boys:grade 8 and 9X XXX
BLOOD PRESSURE(7)Assessment is recommended from age three through adolescence. When instituted in the school setting, the School Nurse must include resources for counseling, referral, and appropriate follow-up care if elevated pressures are detected.

Equipment at School Health Facility

  • VESAG Health Hub
  • VESAG Portal
  • VESAG Medical Devices.
  • Internet.
  • First Aid kits.
  • Dental Screening Equipment.
  • Eye Screening equipment.

VEESAG Advantages

  • All the data is linked to the VESAG portal which can be accessed by the doctor at the hospital, Nurse, Parents and caregivers.
  • Parent can monitor the whereabouts, Medical progress of the kids.
  • One centralized system for easy access to data during emergencies.
  • Parents can setup geo fence in the same application by purchasing the kids tracker separately.
  • Parents can use mVESAG mobile phone application to manage kids at school or elderly parents at home.
  • Medical Incident reporting system will immediately notify the parents/caregivers about any incident at school.
  • SOS/Emergency call automation with VESAG devices.
  • Centralized storage of bus/driver information and bus location.


School Nurse Program

VEESAG Healthcare Eco System

School Nurse Program

One Family

One Device, One Application


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